The Proper Way of Maintaining Your Storage Bench

Everything in this world can grow old and deteriorate with the passage of time. Your patio furniture such as the patio storage bench is no exception. Mainly, this is due to the fact that they are outdoors and so they are easily subjected to all the elements of nature.Obviously, they will wear away faster than most of the things around your home. The effect of this disintegration is that, your best entryway bench life will come to an end. And so, your best options left are either to replace or just repair them.

However, you can still avoid these things from happening if you will take good care of them in the first place. By knowing how to maintain them, you will prevent any irreparable damage that natural elements can do to your outdoor storage bench. You will also be able to prolong their existence through proper care.The benches maintenance should begin with the application of paint or stain for the protection of its body. The paint or stain will cover every part of your bench to care for the structural integrity of the wood itself. In addition, the paint and stain also functions as a barricade from molds, pests, and bugs.

Also, take note that a discolored stain and chipped paints are indications that it’s time to retouch your outdoor bench. You should not worry though, as they just natural occurrences caused by vagaries of the weather and some elements that has beaten down the items. The solution for this is to re-paint or re-stain. Take off all the old paints or stains and then apply a fresh coat. Be sure that the surface is completely clean before the application.Check the exterior part of your storage bench too. Most especially, inspect the hinges as they are one part of the bench that is constantly working. And since you always take out or put in some items in the outdoor storage bench, the hinges can somehow become loose, rust over, or break with continuous use.

Simply oil the hinges regularly to keep them free from friction as well as to protect the metal. Specifically use a mineral-based oil for this purpose. Otherwise, replace the hinges if they can’t be repaired.By learning how to care for your outdoor storage bench or patio storage bench, these pieces of furniture will be with you for many years to come.